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How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?

Jan 21, 2022
How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?
The results microneedling offers speak for themselves. Firmer and clearer skin, fewer fine lines, and diminished scars are among the improvements patients see after undergoing this treatment.

The results microneedling offers speak for themselves. Firmer and clearer skin, fewer fine lines, and diminished scars are among the improvements patients see after undergoing this treatment. But how does it work, and how long do those amazing results last for patients of Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO?

How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?

This treatment triggers the production of additional collagen and elastins in the skin. It can take several weeks for the additional collagen to develop, but once it does, you’ll enjoy rejuvenated skin three to five months, and sometimes much longer. Although the results aren’t permanent, they last longer than the results offered by some other treatments.

The duration of your results comes down to how long your skin can hold onto that healthy new collagen, and how much collagen is needed to maintain your results. Deep wrinkles and folds, for example, often require more collagen to fix, so your results may not last as long if your treatment addressed these concerns. Collagen is a natural protein that supports the structure of the skin, keeping it smooth, firm, springy, and youthful.

What Determines How Long My Collagen Lasts?

Your age influences the amount of collagen in your skin. Younger patients in their twenties and thirties tend to naturally have more collagen, and their skin is often able to hang onto new collagen for a longer period. Certain lifestyle decisions also influence collagen levels. Eating a healthful diet, refraining from tobacco use, and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum can all protect your collagen levels. So can avoiding excessive sun exposure.

What Else Can I Do To Preserve My Results?

Proper skin care goes a long way toward preserving your results. During the days and weeks after treatment, your pores will be wide open and your skin should be treated gently and with extra care. Try to avoid aggressive cleansers, cleansing brushes, and scrubs. And while protecting your skin from the sun is always a good practice, even topical sunscreens can clog your pores. Use hats and clothing to protect your skin during the days after treatment.

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sweating, which allows bacteria to get into your wide-open pores, are also important following treatment. Try to steer clear of anything that might stress or dry your skin. We’ll provide you with post-treatment guidelines on the day of your appointment.

Will Additional Treatments Extend My Results?

Most patients find that anywhere from three to six treatments will be needed to achieve their cosmetic goals. Each of those initial treatments should be scheduled several weeks apart. The effects of this treatment are cumulative, and patients typically see more improvement after each of these early sessions. Once you’ve achieved the desired improvement, occasional maintenance treatments may help preserve your results.

How Long Can This Improve the Appearance of Scars?

Microneedling is particularly effective in treating acne, burn, and surgical scars. Some patients find that an initial round of treatments can get rid of some scars for good. This treatment also offers an extremely long-lasting improvement in the appearance of stretch marks, as long as the patient doesn’t experience significant fluctuations in weight afterward.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment makes many small pricks on the surface of the skin, creating micro-damage that is just enough to kick the body’s wound-healing process into high gear. During healing, the skin produces higher levels of collagen and elastins. During the four to six weeks after treatment, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your skin as collage levels build. That extra collagen helps tighten the skin, fill in fine lines, and clear up areas of hyperpigmentation.

What Cosmetic Conditions Can This Address?

By amplifying the body’s collagen levels, this treatment can help with uneven skin tone, stretch marks, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, and broken capillaries.

What Happens During These Appointments?

These treatments are straightforward and can be completed in less than an hour. We’ll begin by cleansing the skin and applying an anesthetic ointment to numb the treatment area. We’ll then use a handheld device to make a series of pricks in the skin. Patients say they experience a warm prickling sensation, but the numbing cream ensures their comfort. At the end of treatment, we’ll apply a calming solution to the skin.

Is There Much Recovery?

Your skin will feel a little sensitive right after treatment. It may also appear flushed, and we’ll ask you to protect your skin and take extra care with it for a few days. But aside from those precautions, most patients can resume their regular schedules the next day.

Which Parts of the Body Can Be Addressed?

The face is the most popular area to have addressed, but this versatile treatment works all over the body. The neck, chest, back, stomach, arms, legs, and hands can all be treated.

Does This Treatment Pair Well With Other Services?

Yes. Our patients routinely pair this treatment with others offered by our practice. Dermal fillers are a particularly popular option. We usually recommend that dermal fillers be performed at least two weeks before this treatment. Once we’ve had a chance to evaluate your skin and talk with you about your goals, we’ll develop a custom treatment plan for you that incorporates the various services you’re interested in.

Is This Approach to Skin Rejuvenation Safe?

The micro-damage done to your skin during these treatments is not significant or long-lasting. You can rest assured that this is both a safe and effective approach.

What Advantages Are Associated With This Treatment?

It Offers Natural Results

Microneedling spurs your skin to renew and repair itself naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals. And because the additional collagen will develop gradually, you won’t ever look like you suddenly went and had a cosmetic treatment performed. You’ll simply begin looking healthier and more youthful!

It’ll Improve the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

After treatment, all of the little pricks created in your skin will serve as tiny micro-channels that will escort your moisturizers and serums deep into the skin. Many patients notice that the skincare products they use at home become more effective.

It’ll Give You Great-Looking Skin 

This treatment can be performed on most skin tones and types to address a variety of cosmetic concerns. Older patients frequently use it to turn back the clock by smoothing fine lines and getting rid of age spots. Younger patients often turn to microneedling as a way of refreshing skin that has become dull and rough. At any age, this treatment can improve your appearance by giving you smooth, firm, healthy-looking skin.

It’s Convenient

If you want to work on the look of your skin, there are several different treatments you could take advantage of. Depending on your goals, cosmetic surgery may even be an option. But patients love the ease and convenience of this non-invasive treatment. It doesn’t involve anesthesia and it doesn’t require very much downtime. Microneedling allows you to improve your skin without missing a step.

Am I a Good Candidate?

You’re Healthy

Patients who undergo this treatment should be healthy and should not have had problems with wounds healing in the past. Patients also should have stopped taking the acne medication Accutane six months before treatment. We don’t recommend this treatment for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. This treatment is effective on both male and female patients.

Your Skin Is Healthy

The success of this treatment depends on its ability to trigger the body’s wound-healing process, so patients must arrive for microneedling with healthy, uninjured skin. If your skin is sunburned, or if you’re experiencing active acne, a psoriasis outbreak, or some other form of inflammation, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

You Want To Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

If you’re self-conscious about the look of your skin, and you’re ready to put those concerns behind you, this treatment is a great option. It can help get your skin back to where you want it to be, regardless of your age.

Fall in Love With Your Skin All Over Again

Fresh, healthy, rejuvenated skin is attainable if you take advantage of the right treatments, and microneedling is one of those treatments. Maybe it’s time you tried the treatment all of our patients are raving about. Call Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO, and schedule your consultation today!